These terms (“Terms and Conditions”) together with our Privacy Policy govern your use of the Entryfy platform (the “Platform”). By creating or verifying an account and using the services we provide, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the Terms of Use below and that you agree to comply with them.

References to “we”, “us” and “our” should be construed as references to Total Security Stockholm AB (“Total Security”) which is the provider of the Platform.

Use of the Platform

The Platform is used for administration of authorizations and physical access to facilities. The Platform is also used to administer new and changed services that Total Security may offer.

You must be at least 13 years old to use the Platform.

If you are under 13 years of age, you may only use the Platform after obtaining permission from your parent or guardian.

You must not previously have had an account disabled by us.

You must not register or verify a user account with an incorrect identity.

You are obliged to keep your profile updated with current personal data and verified contact information. This will be necessary for you to be able to reset a password you have forgotten.

Right of use and intellectual property rights

All intellectual property and other rights in or relating to the Platform belong to Total Security or licensors of Total Security.

By accepting the Terms of Use and creating or verifying an account, you obtain the right to use the Platform for the purpose of gaining access to and the right to physical access facilities. All other use is prohibited and you may e.g. not decompile or otherwise attempt to ascertain the functions of the Platform, “hack” the Platform, introduce viruses, Trojans or other malware or unwanted codes or otherwise destroy or impair the functions of the Platform or use the Platform in such a way that may constitute a violation of law or use the Platform for any other purpose than intended.

Information stored in or copied from the Platform may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes. Nor may the information be edited or copied to any document or publication, either in electronic form or in physical form, without the written consent of Total Security.


Total Security strives to make the Platform available for use at all times. However, Total Security assumes no responsibility in the event of unavailability or inaccuracy in the Platform.

Total Security reserves the right to change functions in the Platform at any time or suspend access to or permanently suspend your use of the Platform.

Processing of personal data

When an account is created, the name and e-mail address will be registered so that Total Security can contact the user in support matters and to verify the account. In addition, Total Security may, for the purpose of producing statistics, anonymise all personal data logged in the Platform. The data anonymisation will be irreversible.

If the personal data that is required for creating an account is not provided, the Platform denies access to the location function of the mobile device or denies activation of the mobile device‘s function to scan QR codes, which may result in the user not being able to access the functions of the Platform.

When using the Platform, your personal data becomes available to the system administrators of the organization to which your user account belongs. Activities in the Platform and physical access to facilities are logged both in the hardware at the current location and in the cloud service of the Platform.

The Platform uses the location function of the mobile device to log your location information at entry and exit stations in places that have this specific function activated.

For further information about the processing of personal data, please read our Privacy Policy which can be found here:

Limitation of liability

Total Security is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, including but not limited to, loss of information or data that has occurred due to the use or unavailability of or inaccuracies in the Platform.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Total Security reserves the right to change the Terms of Use of the Platform. Such a change will take effect upon continued use of the Platform after we have notified you of the new terms by publishing and making the new terms available through the Platform.

Validity Period

You can terminate your account at any time and your right to use the Platform will cease to apply. In cases where your account has been created by an organization or an association you belong to, you must, in order to terminate your account, contact the responsible administrator for the organization or the association you belong to.

Total Security has the right to terminate your right to use the Platform at any time, without any specific reason.