Entryfy is a physical access control software company, striving to be the one-stop-shop for acccess control and physical security. Our idea is to provide a secure, flexible, easy-to-use solution that can be adapted to businesses and organizations in many different industries.

Our system is built on an open platform, since we believe collaboration is essential for a good user experience. Our gRPC library is available to potential integration partners. 

Entryfy is managed entirely from our web portal. There are no local servers or dedicated hardware to manage the system, instead you can access the portal from anywhere in the world. The admin portal contains everything that you could expect from an access control platform, but with some extra features. Except for tracking accessess and events in the system, you can also send out temporary accesses or change rules for your hardware in only a few clicks. If you are in charge of, or part of, several organizations, you can easily swap between them without having to log out and back in with new credentials. 

Entryfy was originally built on Axis Communications access control hardware. Axis Communications is known for qualitative and secure products, as well as always being in the frontline of technology and innovation. The hardware is connected by PoE+ which makes installment easy and also management of your hardware units, since they are all in the cloud.