Traditional credentials


We are a digitally managed access control system that also supports keycards, tags and PIN or passcodes. Thanks to our concept user-oriented access control, each person can use the credentials of their choice. If they prefer using a keycard, any MIFARE or RFID card will work as a keycard. You only need to register the card in our app, and it can be instantly used to enter the doors you are permitted to enter. It is also easy to see and manage PIN and passcodes directly from the app.

Digital credentials


Digital credentials can be made in many different ways. Choose if you want to open doors directly from our app, or one of our integration partners’ apps, or by identifying with eID. We can also integrate different payment solutions for businesses that want to sell access to a space on-demand. For instance, a gym owner that wants to sell one-time passes to their gym, or a swimming hall that wants to sell one-time passes.

The most common way is to open directly from a smartphone app. However, there are other options, such as showing a QR code to a door station camera, that will verify your access and open the door if you are permitted to enter.


Temporary Access


For easy managing of visitors and temporary permissions, we have created the opportunity to send temporary accesses to temporary users. Just invite the person you wish to grant access to, choose which doors the person will have permission to enter and set your time span. The person will then receive an email with their digital credentials that are valid for your pre-decided time span. If they want, they can of course download our app to register their own keycard.