Manage your access control digitally

Manage all tenants, companies, and users directly in our admin portal. If you sublet offices, you can delegate administration to your tenants.
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Temporary access for guests

Create temporary accesses for a restricted time slot, and send out temporary keys to your guests by email. This way, your guests can manage themselves during that time slot.
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Shared hardware, shared users

All companies in a building can use Entryfy just like their own system, administrate their own users and set their own rules, without awareness of each other.
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Offices have high demands on security and traceability. Office spaces often have rooms with different security levels, or rooms where only specific departments or groups of employees has access to. Because of this, it’s important that the access logs shows the correct employee, and that the risk for key duplication is minimal. Entryfy has tailor-made solutions for different types of offices with different needs.

Entryfy simplifies administration of office tenants with shared users and hardware, so that each tenant can manage the system just like their own, all without knowing of one another. We also support booking of shared spaces in shared office spaces.