Open in your own way

We believe that everyone should be able to open doors the way they want. Therefore, Entryfy supports keycard, tag and PIN code as well as different smartphone credentials.
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Manage digitally

Easy and secure administration is important when managing people’s homes. Both administrators and residents have access to our admin portal.
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Temporary access

Do you have a service scheduled for your apartment, or are you expecting a visitor? With Entryfy, you can create temporary accesses and send them to guests by email.
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Residential properties need to be secure and adapted to residents’ needs. Entryfy provides two-factor authentication in different ways. The residents are always in control of their own access and credentials, and administration is easy for both the property owner and the residents.

Joakim Ollén
CEO, Kunskapsporten AB
With modern technology, like app-controlled locks and high environmental class, such as solar cells on the roofs, we want to achieve sustainable housing that also has a high architectual quality.