About Us


Entryfy started out in the surveillance industry as the bridge between IT and physical security. The original idea was to modernize and cloudilfy the surveillance industry for more efficient monitoring of spaces. Not only was the surveillance industry proprietary and closed to new technology, it was also costly to manage since almost everything around installation and support of cameras had to be done by people on site.


When working with surveillance, we also realized that many companies have worked out careful routines for their cyber security, while the physical security is lacking. Therefore, we developed a streaming service for surveillance equipment. Hand in hand with monitoring the physical flows comes access control. Learning about the security industry and its needs, we realized that access control systems were aged out and needed to be modernized. Once Axis Communications created their own access control hardware, there was no doubt that the company should also provide software for access control systems. This is when Entryfy was born – a cloud-based physical access control system that is managed completely digitally.

We are still an IT company at heart, and consider physical security equally important as cyber security.

Goals, mission, and vision

We want to be the obvious choice for physical access control and surveillance. We want Entryfy to be synonymous with flexible, modern access control.


Our mission is to decrease administration for our customers, as well as improve user experience. We improve the efficiency and operations flows by automatizing access to resources for different types of organizations. This way, our customers can reduce administrative costs and their users can enjoy a seamless access control service.

Working at Entryfy

As part of a fast-growing industry, no two days look the same and we are constantly evolving. We want our employees to develop as coworkers, improve their professional skills, love their every-day life and stay healthy. At Entryfy, every day is an adventure to look forward to. We are always looking for talented coworkers. Contact us and tell us about who you are, and maybe we have a position just for you!