Digital administration

Manage your entire system online for maximum efficiency

Unlock doors your way

Open doors directly from your smartphone, by using a traditional keycard, tag or PIN code. We want you to choose how you want to open doors and support many different credentials.

Integrate with other systems

Do you have a booking or business system already? Integrate Entryfy into your existing system for a smoother experience.

Adapt Entryfy to your needs


Every company has their own security needs. We have customers in many different industries and are experts at adapting to your specific needs.

Collaborations for a better experience


It’s impossible to be the best at everything. That’s why we have focused on being experts in digitally solved access control, and chosen to cooperate with other experts instead. Our main hardware is built by Axis Communications.


Adapted to your organization


Secure data and credentials


Manage from anywhere.

Unlimited users

No charge for your users


Easy administration

Easy scaleup

Add new sites fast and easy

Happy customers

In many different industries

Fixed cost

No surprise costs

Integrate and complement your access control system


Entryfy has a long of providing different security solutions. We offer surveillance, intercom, and different integrations, all for your specific needs. For UGo Next, we combined several different solutions for a smooth user experience and security for the cars.

Curious about our solutions?

Contact us to find out what we could do for you.