User-Oriented Access Control

Reduce costs by moving administration to the end-user’s smartphone.


Reduce administration

Users can manage key cards and pin codes instead of centralised management. 

Streamline onboarding

Speed up onboarding of new and temporary users through delegated security.

Increase traceability

Access & audit logs in the cloud and mobile application. Easy to export for external reporting.

Improve Productivity


By allowing end-users to manage their own credentials we decrease costs for administration and reduce end-user angst when it comes to key cards, pin codes, and alarms.

Combined with best practices in modern software development and cybersecurity we increase security compared to legacy access control systems. 

We believe modernizing the physical security industry is not just opening doors through the users’ smartphone, it is changing the way businesses interact with their users by giving them control over their own credentials.

Streamline Onboarding


Use Group Sets to assign permissions based on roles rather than giving users permissions through access profiles.

Send out key cards without the risk for credentials being compromised. Key cards can be blank since users can register themselves upon arrival. 

Delegate administration for temporary users to operators for decentralized administration. 

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