Secure QR

Securing QR codes & cloudifying access control


Reduce administration

Move administration of traditional access control to the cloud.

Prevent unpermitted distribution

Location-aware & encrypted QR codes can not be reproduced.

Increase traceability

Access & audit logs in the cloud and mobile application.

Encrypted & Location-aware


Concerns with utilising QR codes instead of key cards because of the fear of unauthorised distribution and ease of copying. 

Secure QR has solved this problem through creating location-aware & encrypted QR codes.

By combining time & location in combination with industry standard AES-256 encryption QR codes become extremely hard to reproduce.

To gain access to a facility users needs to have both valid GPS coordinates & timestamp within a predefined range encrypted and send to the Entryfy Secure QR application.

Cloudify legacy installations


By utilising the possibility to communicate over Wiegand & OSDP Entryfy translates QR codes into existing access cards in legacy installations. 

Administration can be done either by importing existing users into Entryfy cloud platform to enable users to handler their access through their smartphone instead of legacy key card solutions. 

Or through additional application integration through the local Axis units. 

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