Secure QR

Securing QR codes & cloudifying access control


Reduce administration

Move administration of traditional access control to the cloud.

Prevent unpermitted distribution

Location-aware & encrypted QR codes can not be reproduced.

Increase traceability

Access & audit logs in the cloud and mobile application.

Encrypted & Location-aware

Secure QR has solved the security issue by creating location-aware & encrypted QR codes, which makes the Secure QR practically impossible to redistribute.

The solution is patented and only offered by Entryfy. Contact us to learn more about Secure QR.

Cloudify legacy installations

Entryfy translates QR codes into existing access cards in legacy installations. 

Administration can be done by importing existing users into the Entryfy cloud platform to enable users to handler their access through their smartphone instead of legacy key card solutions. 

We can also do this by an additional integration with local
Axis units.

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