User-oriented Access Control saves costs by moving administration to the end-user’s smartphone.
Combine regular credentials with a smartphone to ensure increased security and traceability.
Scalable solutions through cloud-based remote connections for distributed multi-site use.

User-oriented access control

User-Oriented Access Control

By allowing end-users to manage their own credentials we decrease costs for administration and reduce end-user angst when it comes to key cards, pin codes, and alarms.

Combined with best practices in modern software development and cybersecurity we increase security compared to legacy access control systems.

We believe modernizing the physical security industry is not just opening doors through the users’ smartphone, it is changing the way businesses interact with their users by giving them control over their own credentials.

Access to Revenue

Today’s end-users have higher demands than what the security industry is ready to deliver.

We, as end-users, want access to everything, on-demand, directly through our smartphone.

Integrate external systems such as e-commerce applications with our modern API to deliver on-demand accesses to your customers.

For companies which are losing money by the way physical access is handled, having to manually create accesses from in-person or online orders, Total Access is the solution.

Access to Revenue

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